Teaching, Guerrilla Style

Amna Akbar, Jocelyn Simonson, and Sameer Ashar —

A few years ago, we got together to consider how to teach differently in the “movement moment” provoked by the Ferguson and Baltimore rebellions. We felt a particular sense of urgency given that the movements of our day—the Movement for Black Lives, #Not1More, #IdleNoMore, #Fightfor15, Occupy—have at the center of their critique our system of laws; and that those critiques represented long-standing concerns in communities of color and poor communities about law’s violence and inequality.  We aimed to embrace an opportunity to teach the law with an attentiveness to its entanglement with concentrated racialized/gendered violence and, simultaneously, its transformative potential. It felt important to root our work in that of others—in movements and the academy–and to produce practical, creative manuals to provoke new approaches. And that’s why, along with Bill Quigley, we put together The Guerrilla Guides to Law Teaching.

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